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Sushi or Susi. According to the Japanese hieroglyphs, sushi means "smoked fish". Sushi was originated in the South Asia, where the boiled rice was used for conserving fishery. The smoked and cut into small pieces fish was salted and mixed with rice, then it was placed under heavy stone pressure. This procedure was repeated after couple of weeks and the fermentation process of fish and rice was happening during this period . As a result it was becoming possible to use the fishery all year round. This method has been extended into Japan in the VII century. In a similar way “nateyusi” is made in Japan now. Already in the XVIII century familiar to us sushi made of rice appeared. It consisted of boiled rice, rice malt, seafood and vegetables. This was followed by the creation of the new method of making vinegar special for sushi rice. The famous chief of Tokyo Ekhey Khanay decided to completely deny the conserved fishery and stared to serve it raw in the XIX century. As a result, two different types of sushi preparation arose: the first was called “Kanay”, the second one “Edo”.